Dakota Battery Supplier “Misleading”

Dakota Battery Supplier “Misleading”

As it turns out the leading Lithium battery supplier for the angling market might be more marketing than reality. In recent years Dakota walked back their “Built in the United States” as some of their batteries now come with “Make in China” sticker. Now the battery maker points out on their website that North Dakota winters can get cold and that they have “A battery designed to endure. To help you do what you love longer. A battery made to last.” However some of these batteries do not contain the correct protective electronics to protect them from damage in cold weather.

The YouTube channel “Ice Hole Power” has created several videos showing the teardown of Dakota Lithium battery packs. In these videos he quality tests the battery packs and shows the build quality of each one. He uses these words to describe the Dakota Lithium batteries he tested:

“Complete BS”


“Lost all my respect”

“So disappointed”

It is easy to show how good a Lithium battery is compared to a Lead battery. However, Dakota needs to do better if it is going to continue to be leader in this market. There are are much better options out there for anglers and I suggest you check out “Ice Hole Power” YouTube videos to see him breakdown other manufactures.

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